Here’s to the summer!

So, exciting things are afoot!

Recently I decided that I would try and branch out into Wedding Accessory Hire! I have boxes and boxes of beautiful bunting, jars, vases, crocheted doilies, fairy lights and table number holders that are sitting, whiling away the days, in my top room…

I also thought I might try and branch out into making bouquets from the paper flowers that I made for our wedding. Not only that but I’m currently making a rather lovely brooch bouquet (even if I do say so myself) for my gorgeous friend Jo! Which is great fun!

So, to exciting things… I spent a tea break chatting to my lovely friend Karen who owns a little coffee shop in Otley about all the thoughts in my head and she has given me the lovely opportunity to dress her cafe’s window for the summer!

What a splendid idea!

I have enlisted the help of my super talented friend Helen to guide me in my quest to dress the window with a selection of my wares so it’s all very much go! go! go! in the Lowe Household!

I shall be making 30 flowers for the display – using some of my jars and vases to hold them and of course there will be bunting!

My afternoon has been happily spent making a small button bouquet for the display. I’ve seen them elsewhere on the web and it was just another thing that I though “I can make that!” So I did! I used a 3inch polystyrene ball, some crepe paper and a selection of buttons to build it up and, to be honest, I bloomin’ LOVE it!!image

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