Another year over…

I can’t believe it is 2015. 2015! We should be on hover boards with crazy hair cuts, self-tying sneakers and shrink-to-fit jackets according to Back To The Future…

But we’re not. We are just being us, another year older.

So what have I been up to I hear you cry… Yes, you, the reader who at this time is probably just my mum…

I have been a busy bee! At Christmas I made a wreath for my mums front door using my recently acquired paper folding skills and general habit to just give anything a go…

I bought a plain woven wicker ring, decorative gold/jute fabric bows and a bag of mixed wooden stars. I wanted a natural look for my Mums neutrally toned house and it turned out an absolute treat! I attached the bows using the attached wire holders and finished each one with a small wooden star.

It really looked effective with just 3 large paper flowers made with Christmas themed craft paper. I went for simple and classic leaves, tartan and subtle festive designs.

I really enjoyed making it and it didn’t really take that long either…






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