Stationery abundant…

I’m sorry that my writing seems a bit sporadic but my brain is just trying to compute the sheer amount of thinking it had to do for our wedding!

What have I covered?

Bunting – check! Jars – check! Flowers – check! Favours – check! Ale – check! Doilies – check! Fairy lights – check!

Ah yes, now I’m a big fan of the printed word. I am, however, not a fan of hand made invitations tied with lace, perhaps with a quirky photograph of the luck couple holding a chalk board with all their wedding details, craft card with lace-effect inserts covered in menus and RSVP details… just me?

First up I enlisted the help of The Fiancé to help make our Save The Date cards. A simple brown luggage tag tied with the gingham ribbon that I bought masses of to decorate the jars and suchlike, and I had a rubber stamp made with the basic information on. I think it worked a treat!

Invitations took a little more brain work and I wanted to keep it under budget too so I turned to the marvels of – what a wonderful and reasonably priced place to design your own invites! I had an idea of what I wanted and I was lucky to find that they had a template that I could change to suit my ideas. I spent a fair bit of time working out fonts and layout but once I’d figured out the final bits it was easy then to go on to make my Orders of Service, evening invites and I even made a cheeky I-spy game that I put on each table.

2014-11-07 15.25.58

2014-11-07 15.27.07

Vistaprint was fabulous – totally worth a look if you are considering designing your own stationary!

Flowers, Fairy Lights & Favours…

I quickly decided that, to go with the bunting and the flowers, the tables needed to be fun and colourful too.

Mixed doilies, various jars, charity shop-bought vases, cut-glass decanters – all put together to make the most of the large tables covered in white cloths.

I had the help of my sister-in-law’s mother Mary and friend Jen in collecting doilies from charity shops – all crocheted and in different colours, different patterns and sizes and costing no more than 49p each. Each table had three or four doilies in the centre. It broke up the dullness of the table cloth and softened the crispness of the white.

I used two jars and one vase on each table also. The larger jar had 5 tall flowers, the smaller had 3 short flowers and the vase was stuffed with a string on battery powered fair lights. I couldn’t believe how effective everything looked together. It totally blew me away! I was so pleased that all the little ideas that I’d had had finally come together!

image (5)


By the way, battery powered fairy lights are completely and utterly the way forward!! They are so effective and worked brilliantly in the cut-glass vases and decanters. Our venue weren’t keen on us using candles and I hate the fake tea lights so this was the perfect solution! And now I have 12 stings of lights that I can use for christmas and parties! I shopped around and found a great deal on Ebay by a company from Japan. They took weeks to arrive so if you’re going to go ahead and use an international trader then PLAN AHEAD!

The most contentious issue, and one that we spent many, many hours debating, was the issue of favours. We had so many romantic ideas – personalised magnets, wine glass charms, pin badges, seeds… – All lovely ideas but all averaging at £1.50 per person. That was £135 on trinkets! Erm… no. I love our friends and family but… really?!

So, we decided that we could make up little bags of sweets and have some stickers printed with our initials and the date.


We also had little activity books made up by a lovely trader on Etsy called LoveInColours for our younger guests. Each one was personalised, came with crayons and we could choose the colours and age-range for each child. The kids LOVED them and they kept them amused whilst the boring grown-ups made speeches.

And finally… there was ALE. We, as a couple, LOVE ALE. And I happen to be lucky enough to have a brewer in the family. We needed ale at our reception and unfortunately our venue would not let us have a keg of our favourite brew on the bar so we asked Brass Castle Brewery of Malton – – if we could have 100 bottles of their wonderful vanilla porter ‘Bad Kitty’. We relabelled the front of the bottle with our names and date, keeping the back of the bottle with all the details of the brewery and the ale so that our guests knew what they were drinking, in a flash of inspiration we decided on the name ‘Matrimoni-ALE’. We displayed the ale on a table by the dance floor and everyone took a some home with them!

Simple ideas…

This will be a quick one…

Table number holders. You need them, but you don’t need to spend a small fortune buying them. MAKE THEM!

I bought 10 pieces of 1cm dowel, 2 packs of patterned wooden pegs (£3 for a pack of 6 from M&S), 10 small bows – I bought a mixed pack from Ebay in various colours for £2.50 and just used some household All Purpose glue to fix everything together…

image (7)

It was a wee bit fiddly but there’s no need to rush.

image (6)