Paper folding for beginners…

The most time-consuming but ultimately rewarding thing that I set my hands to whilst planning our wedding was most definitely the paper flowers that I wanted to use for my Flower Girl’s bouquets and for my table decorations. I’d seen various examples at a wedding fair and even priced up how much it would cost to have someone make them for me, but I soon made the decision that this was something that I could do myself!

Go me!

The first thing was to find easy-to-follow instructions that would guide me in my quest! I’m pretty rubbish at following instructions at the best of time and I soon found that origami is THE MOST DIFFICULT THING EVER! Who knew that there were so many different types of flower? Cherry blossom, Dahlia, Kawasaki, Lily, Lotus… perseverance was the key! I found the shape I wanted and used this wonderfully straight forward site  –


image (4)


I think I must have spent about £45 on paper, £15 on buttons and craft pearls, £5 on floristry tape and £4 on twine – £79 to make 107 individual flowers for 10 table centres, 2 large flower girl bouquets and 1 small posy for my tiny flower girl. That works out at 73p per flower. NOT BAD! I have to be honest, it was a time consuming and laborious task but incredibly rewarding!

At the end of our big day each of my guests took some flowers home with them, some now hang in offices, sit on mantle pieces and are admired by friends and family – yep, I’m pretty smug…

Cracking the flags!

Dragging my mum and Hubby-to-be around wedding fairs across Yorkshire made me realise one thing – weddings are EXPENSIVE! I also came to the conclusion that everything that I saw and liked could be made by my own fair hands… and why not?! I’d seen over-priced origami flowers; hire companies telling me that some of the cute finishing touches that I’d wanted would cost a small fortune to rent; pick & mix carts, letter boxes, centre pieces all costing faaaar too much!

I made it my mission to do as much as I could myself and on a budget! I looked up origami flowers online, decided to make as much of my own bunting as I could and started collecting various jars and vases – I became the first stop before the recycling bins for my friends! boxes and boxes of jars that just needed cleaning up! And then came the charity shop trawls – I refused to pay over £1.50 for a vase.

My handmade wedding was a go! Origami flowers would be made from patterned paper, finished with various buttons and pearls; bunting would cover the room; jars would be decorated with gingham ribbon; vases would be tied with lace and filled with fairy lights; tables would be dressed with crocheted doilies – I even made my own table number holders.

The last thing we wanted was a ‘uniform’ day of two colours – eurgh… how dull! Pastels were the way forward! Spots, stripes, gingham, florals… the world of patterns was our oyster! Nothing would match, but everything would ‘fit’.

When asked what our ‘theme’ was I would answer that there was no real theme. I could see that people couldn’t visualise it – all the different colours, patterns, textures (I’ll get on to that later) but I just had to smile and assure them that I wasn’t going mad and that it’d all work out in the end! My Fiancé put his complete faith in me and let me take control of everything! It was so exciting!

God bless my mother and her faith in my need for a sewing machine! I got my first ever sewing machine for christmas and there was no stopping me! I took myself down to the local haberdashers and stocked up on bias binding and a couple of stacks of quarters of various fabrics. From then on I took great pleasure in throwing together great lengths of bunting and proudly displaying them around the house for Richard to find.

I started the mammoth task of paper folding too. I needed at least 100 flowers, all with 5 petals, each petal being on piece of paper to fold!


Work in progress…

In the beginning…

When my wonderful boyfriend proposed to me back in June 2013 I made the brave and bold decision to take on all the planning, prep, designing and making on my own!

I had so many ideas floating around in my busy head and thought – Hey! Why don’t I blog about my ideas and let the whole world know about the workings of my inner-most mind! So, it’s now October 2014, we married in August and I never got round to writing anything down…

So here I am, after the realisation that when planning a wedding your head really has no other time or space for any other thoughts or intentions, writing it all down.